big plans for small business

For serving small business, NFIB has big reach. NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) is the nation’s leading small business association, with 325,000-plus members covering all 50 states.

But NFIB faces the challenges membership organizations understand all too well. Obviously, there’s the “join.” And when member retention was lagging, NFIB asked Imagination to reimagine its content program to keep up with member needs and habits. The ultimate goal: Prove value for current and future members, and build loyalty to make sure they don’t leave.


rewrite the playbook

The visually bold and information-rich Small Business Playbook takes the place of an aging magazine. Helpful how-to's tailored to small business needs cross content types, from text to video to infographic. Fifty personalized enewsletters tell the advocacy story where it matters most: at the state level. Rapid response content ensures NFIB is part of the conversation on social media and in the news.

gain and retain

Now, this content serves efforts that have yielded a 19 percent increase in yearly joins and—maybe more important—a 78 increase in renewals. Members and prospects aren’t just reading or watching. They’re acting.


The NFIB Small Business Playbook serves as a hybrid of highly engaging magazine and member report.


Trend-based and actionable infographics serve readers on multiple devices.

play button NFIB NFIB

Motion-graphic videos highlight topics that affect small business owners on a daily basis.

“The content marketing program crafted and executed by Imagination keeps our current members engaged and informed about the business world around them with everything from timely digital content to a high-value annual print publication.”

Kate Chandler
Digital Content Director, Marketing, NFIB