a higher IQ for high-level leaders

Insigniam, a global management consultancy firm with more than 30 years of experience, serves a client base driven by growth, strategy, profitability and culture. The key challenge is getting a foot in the door of large, complex companies to let leaders know how Insigniam can boost their management results.

Insigniam launched Insigniam Quarterly (IQ) as a tentpole magazine designed to reach the CEOs and key decision-makers at multibillion-dollar companies. But even after the launch, Insigniam’s leaders realized they needed a content strategy that distinguished IQ from competitors.


thought leadership in action

Insigniam tapped Imagination to transform IQ into a thought leadership publication with actionable content. The overhauled magazine features stronger storytelling from subject matter experts, comprehensive case studies, and in-depth executive profiles driven with authentic, authoritative voice and tone. High-quality custom photography and data-rich infographics help the look of the book match the quality of the editorial.

top marks

In a recent IQ survey, 99 percent of readers who receive the publication read at least some of each issue, with 62 percent reading half or more of the issue. Even better, 89 percent rate the quality of IQ’s content as “good” or “excellent.”

Insigniam Insigniam

IQ content includes data-rich infographics designed specifically for print…

Insigniam Insigniam

…but those infographics also make great fodder for animated digital videos.

Insigniam Insigniam

Magazine features cover everything from industry trends to Q&As with key influencers.


readers who rate IQ’s content as “good” or “excellent”