culture and connection

When people hear “Chick-fil-A,” perhaps they think of chicken and waffle fries, or the cow mascots that have represented the brand for years in consumer advertising. But reaching Restaurant Operators and Team Members requires a different blend of techniques.

After six years of producing a magazine centered on Chick-fil-A’s restaurant operating strategy, the company took a strategic step back. The magazine was published as a flipbook available only on iPads and @Chick-fil-A. By not printing the magazine, Chick-fil-A had traded a valuable form of communication with Restaurant Operators and their Team Members for one that simply wasn’t being read.


rethinking what’s remarkable

The redo resulted in “REMARK”able Magazine, a feature magazine with complementary digital content that deepens the connection to Chick-fil-A’s unique culture, shares best practices, and inspires Operators and their Team Members. “REMARK”able Magazine focuses less on top-down communication and more on peer conversation. Content frequently highlights Operators and their teams who’ve faced challenges with innovative—and shareable—solutions.

pass it on

In an initial readership survey, 43 percent of Operators surveyed said the content in the first issue of the magazine was useful, and 48 percent said they would like to receive additional copies to distribute to Team Members.

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Engaging writing, colorful visuals and practical information offer a new experience to Chick-fil-A’s stakeholders.

“It feels premium and well put together, it’s easy to read, and the design is great.”

Member of Chick-fil-A’s Operator Communications Council